October 29, 2013

Fall Outfits. Staying warm and stylish.

Hey everyone so fall is here and winter is approaching so I thought it would be great to show you how I dress stylish and stay warm! This post will be some recent OOTD’s from the fall season, and some other tips on how to dress warm and cute. Enjoy! Also if there’s anything specific you want to see on my blog comment on this post or on Instagram (belleoftheball45) and let me know!

Layering! Don’t be afraid to layer warm pieces that look cute. Oxfords under sweaters look adorable, and very warm. Also it’s my favorite to throw a vest on over my layered pieces. Here’s some examples:

As you can see I love wearing hats, scarves, and when it gets a little colder I will start wearing gloves. Boots are an essential for fall/ winter. Some fabulous boot choices include Hunters, L.L. Bean duck boots, and Ugg boots will all keep you warm and looking stylish. Layering sweaters with anything is a great choice! Leggings are my favorite choice in fall winter because they are functional and adorable (especially fleece lined ones). Hope you enjoyed! Any questions feel free to comment! 
Don’t forget if you want some adorable bows that were featured in some of my pictures check out http://bowsandkites.storenvy.com and enter CampusRepAbby at check out for a discount!

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