December 10, 2013

DIY monogram sunglasses

Happy Holidays, and happy December! Time is flying lately, so I thought I would create a short post about a small DIY! Enjoy:

DIY monogram sunglasses:
What you’ll need: 1. iPhone home button monograms (2) Mai Bows (where my monograms are from)2. Sunglasses, anywhere is fine for some cheap ones try Forever 21. Make sure the arm on the sunglasses is wide enough to fit the decals. (My sunglasses are from Delia*s last year for 6$)

How to make them:

1. Gather supplies

                                  2. Apply monograms

3. TA DA! Monogram sunglasses for $8!

Super simple and super cute!
xoxo, belleoftheball45

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