June 9, 2016

Graduation Cap Tutorial

Hi everyone! It’s already been over two weeks since I graduated and I cannot believe it. The four years I spent in high school were so great, and I’m excited to see what the future holds. For my graduation,I decorated my cap with the Lilly Pulitzer pattern Lobstah Roll. I also added some pearls, a monogram, and of course a Vineyard Vines sticker. I’ve had a lot of questions about how I did my cap, so in this post I’m going to do my best to show you how! I broke it down into 10 steps. If anyone is confused feel free to comment or email me (belleoftheball45@gmail.com) !
What you’ll need:
Hot glue gun & hot glue
Poster Board
Plain Graduation Cap
Adhesive Pearls (found in scrapbooking section)
Stickers (I used a 6.5 inch monogram from ToPrepfection, and a plain Vineyard Vines whale)
Glossy Modge Podge
Sponge Brush
 Step 1: Cut a piece of poster board to the size of your cap.



Step 2: Print out your favorite pattern! One sheet of computer paper will not be enough so you will have to print 2. In order to match up the pattern I recommend printing one half of the picture of your pattern on one sheet, and the other half on another.


Step 3: VERY IMPORTANT! Match up your pattern and glue it together. It will be very noticeable if your pattern is not matched up!

Step 4: Cut pattern paper to match the poster board


Now here’s what you should have:

Step 5: Glue the pattern paper to the poster board. Modge podge the top to give it a shiny finish.
Step 6: Cut a hole in the poster board so the button in the center of the cap can fit through.
Step 7: Hot glue poster board and pattern combo to the cap. Use lots of glue so it stays! Optional- use another layer of modge podge ( I did!)
Step 8: Cut small circle from excess pattern and poster board combo. Hot glue onto the button in the center.
Step 9: The toughest for me- adding the stickers. My monogram did not fit over the button, so I cut out the area that fell over the button. Then I placed my sticker on the cap, and the area I cut out over the button. This will be easy or hard depending on your monogram. The Vineyard Vines sticker was easy to add- just make sure it’s straight!
Step 10: Add pearls (this part is so easy with the adhesive pearls- would highly recommend getting these)
TA DA! You’re cap is done and you are ready to graduate! Congrats to everyone in the Cass of 2016. As Elle Woods would say- WE DID IT!
Thanks for reading!

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