December 11, 2017

Tips for Finals Week

Hi everyone! Finals week is here- can you believe this semester is already coming to an end? It flew by, and as sad as I am that it’s ending- I’m excited for finals to be over and it to be Christmas time! I’ve been studying a lot lately, and even though am not an expert thought I would share a few of my tips for finals week! Also- I get so many questions about my glasses- heres a  link to them!
1. Take away any distractions

I get distracted SO easily- my phone and computer being the biggest distractors. I’m currently at the library- and left my phone behind. It’s incredible how much more I can accomplish when I’m not texting or checking Instagram every few minutes. 
2.  Find your ideal study spot
Anytime I’m studying or doing projects I am the most focused in one area of the library. Whether you need somewhere a little noisy, or completely silent its important to find a spot where you can be the most productive. 
3. Make a To-Do list and hang it up
I love making To-Do lists, it’s a good way to have everything you need to accomplish laid out and it feels great to check thinks off the list. This year for finals week my roommate and I made a To-Do list together and have been keeping each other motivated to finish everything. Hanging it up on the fridge in our apartment has also been a huge help- when it’s right in front of you its hard to ignore. 
4. REST!
Getting enough sleep is very important- I know for me at least when I’m tired I don’t function at my full capability. During finals week especially I try not to stay up to late cramming in studying before a big test. I always feel more prepared for a final when I get a good nights sleep. 

5. Budget your time 

There’s so much going on during finals week and it can be hard to allot time for everything. It’s important to create a schedule for yourself and stay on track. I always use my agenda to keep me organized!

6. Breakfast!

Before a final (and everyday) I always feel better when I eat breakfast.

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Also someone brought a golden retriever puppy in the library to cheer everyone up while they were studying- definitely made studying a lot better!

Thanks so much for reading! If you have any tips for finals week I need to know about let me know!

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