April 4, 2018

All About Insta!

Hi everyone! Today’s post is all about Instagram! The questions I receive most often are normally about things like editing photos, finding locations, and others all about Insta. Editing makes a cohesive page, and I think sets your Instagram apart from others. I love when I find someone on Instagram with a distinct editing style. It always makes me more eager to press the follow button. Along with editing, there are a few other things I have learned along the way that I find to be helpful in capturing the perfect photo. Here are some of my tips and tricks to Instagram!

1. All about the grid  
 I love to make what VSCO calls a ‘recipe’ for editing my photos. I just found out about this feature on the app recently and love it! You can edit a photo a certain way and then save that exact edit, (it’s like a custom filter) to apply to future photos! On the free app you can only create one recipe, but it’s perfect for making a cohesive grid! If you want to upgrade to VSCO X you can make as many recipes as you want, and even edit videos. I’ve always tried to edit my photos in a similar way, but it’s hard to get it just right every time. This feature makes it so much easier! I think having an aesthetically pleasing grid, along with good individual photos is something that helps increase your following! I know I’ve followed people before just because of how amazing their grid is! I also use presets on Lightroom to edit my photos, which also gives them a very unified look. 
Here’s how to create a VSCO recipe:
2. Switch to a business account!
This is one of my favorite features that Instagram has done! It’s so helpful and gives insight on things like impressions, demographics, posting times based on your following, and more. 
3. Keep it consistent. 
One of the things I’ve found to be most helpful is to post consistently, and keep your content consistent. I love getting to know my followers, and creating a personal relationship and I think this is really helpful in doing that! 
4. Engage!
This is so important on Instagram! There are so many people working hard on creating content, and I always make sure to comment and like if I see a photo I love! This goes along with creating a personal relationship as well. I always try to comment back to everyone, and answer questions!
5. Insta Stories and other features
Anybody else prefer Insta Stories over Snapchat?? I know I do! With all of the new features like gifs, new fonts, polls, face filters, highlights, and more Insta Stories are so much fun! Stories are a good way to engage as well. I also love using the ‘Swipe Up’ feature so that I can direct my followers right to an item link, a blog post, etc. There are a ton of apps that can help make your stories more intriguing and professional looking. A few of my favorite apps: Adobe Spark Post, KiraKira, InShot, GIF Maker, and 8mm (this ones great for vintage looking videos). 
6. What I Use To Take Photos
I recently bought the Canon G7X Mark II, and I am so glad I did. For a few weeks before my NYC trip I was debating on whether or not I needed it, but I’m so glad I ended up buying it. I love this camera because its so compact, yet its great for photos and videos. Another thing I use for photos is my iPhone, I still have a 6s so the quality of my phone isn’t always amazing but it still takes some cute shots! I’m thinking about upgrading to the 8 plus soon, the camera looks incredible! For blog photos, I generally shoot on my Canon T5 with a 50mm lens. It’s great for getting shots of my outfits, without a ton of distraction in the background. 
7. Planning My Grid
In order to see how a photo is going to look in my grid before I post it, I actually made a separate account that only I can see! I test out all of my photos in my grid on this page before I post them. There are some apps for this, such as UNUM, that I’ve tried. I found the Instagram grid page to be the most useful for me though! 
8. Finding Locations 
Changing up locations is something I find difficult while being in school, but it’s very important to create a diverse and interesting feed. Before shooting an outfit I will normally go find a few inspiration photos in a similar location to the one I plan on going to. This way I know which poses I want to do, and which photos I want to get. I’m also always on the lookout weather I’m driving to dinner with my friends, or walking to class I’m always looking for possible shoot locations! Finding locations is much easier when traveling, but I always like to be prepared with a few spots to go to. For example if I’m going on a trip somewhere, I’ll search a hashtag of where I’m going( #Nantucket #NYC or something like that). I love scrolling through, finding locations I like, screenshotting them, and saving them for when I’m on my trip. When I’m at home or at school, I’ll search things like #buffalocoffee and save my favorites as location ideas! 
9. Everyones favorite (just kidding): the algorithm 
I recently read Carly’s blog post ( find it here ), and she talked about the new algorithm. Carly’s advice about it was perfect. She included that this change is happening to everyone so it’s nothing to stress over. As long as you keep creating content that you love, and keep engaging there’s no need to worry about the algorithm. Plus, rumor has it Instagram is going to be more chronological soon! YAY!
10. Have your Instagram represent you!
On Instagram I think it is easy to see someones personality through their photos. You want your followers to be able to get to know you through your feed, so it’s important that your content represents you. 
Here’s a few of my favs to follow! 
    @kjp                                                   @sarahkjp  
   @carly                                                         @juliahengel  

     @davey                                                     @jackiegreaney 

@blaireadiebee                                             @emilyoandbows 

@prepavenue                                                 @kellyinthecity 

@vivianeaudi                                                 @juliashingler 

                @stephens_louisa                                      @cameronwilder                       
Thanks for reading! Let me know tips you use, and if you have any questions!

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