March 18, 2020

My Tips for Remote Learning

Hi to all of my fellow students who have recently been making the switch to remote learning. I’m sure none of us expected our semester to end like this, and it is definitely a major adjustment for all of us. Even though I’ve only been doing remote learning for a few days now, I think these tips will be helpful to stay on task and get you through the semester. Let me know if you guys have any other tips that I can add! I also wanted to mention that if you are a parent who has younger students at home I’d recommend following @SarahGTucker and @PalmBeachLately– they both have been sharing amazing tips about homeschooling their kids. Also if you are working from home @Carly wrote a great post with some tips here and my friend @KristaRobertso wrote a post here
1. Write Down a Routine
Having a routine for me is SO important, and I find that writing it down helps me stick to it. Since I’ve been home I’ve been waking up at my normal time every day and getting into a new routine at home. I have a class starting at 9 AM on MWF and 11 AM on TTH, but every day I get up around 8 so I have time to make breakfast and get ready for classes. After class, my mom and I have been loving getting outside and taking our dog, Scout, for a walk. It’s so nice to get outside and get some exercise. I haven’t gotten myself into a great workout routine yet, but it’s something I definitely want to add to my daily routine. Another one of my favorite moments during each day is watching Jeopardy! My family watches every night and I really appreciate the time we are able to spend together in the midst of all the craziness. 
2. Have a Positive Outlook
For a lot of us, the news of remote learning is very upsetting. It sounds good for a few days, but once you’re home and away from school it becomes difficult. I am so sorry for anyone who is a senior and this is how you are experiencing your senior year. Everything going on is shocking, but I know we will all get through it and having a positive outlook is so important. If any of you need someone to talk to, please know that I am always here. 
3.  Use a Planner
One thing I’ve found particularly challenging is keeping all of my assignments straight since so many deadlines are shifting. Having a planner to organize everything and write down what I need to be working on has been so helpful in keeping me on track. If you don’t have a planner I linked a few from Amazon below so that you can get one ASAP! 

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4. Create a Work Space 
I’m so glad that I had plans to create a home office at my parents before moving home, and now that I have my desk furniture from school I was able to make that a reality! I find that having a designated workspace helps me stay focused and almost has acted as a ‘classroom’ for me. I associate spending time in my office with learning and other productive things, so it’s great to have a spot where I’m comfortable working with minimal distraction. 
5. Hide Your Phone 
(or any other distractions)
For me, my phone is a HUGE distraction and I’ve definitely realized that the past few days of online classes. My classes have been canceled through the end of this week, but starting next week I am going to turn off my phone or distance myself from it during class time so that I am more inclined to pay attention during lectures. 
6. Create Virtual Study Groups
Depending on the type of learner you are, studying with others may be very beneficial. I know at school I am constantly meeting up with friends to bounce ideas and questions off of one another. Just like we are using Zoom or Microsoft Teams for classes, utilizing these resources (and even FaceTime) for study sessions will be a great option! This can be especially helpful if you have a group project as well! 
7. Stay Engaged
Online classes are a different setting than a classroom and it is very easy to drift off during a lecture. I know it can be awkward, but asking questions during the lecture or emailing back and forth with professors will be crucial during this time. For many professors, this also comes as a big change to them and I’m sure they’re willing to help in any way they can. I am so thankful for my professors who understand that this is not only a struggle for us academically, but mentally and emotionally as well. 
8.  Challenge Yourself
There are many things on our agendas and accomplishments we can achieve with the extra time we have on our hands. Whether that’s studying for your CPA, GMAT, LSAT, or any other major exam you will have to take. Challenge yourself in new ways beyond required academics. Learn to do something you’ve always wanted to, but never had the time! 
9. Take Time for Yourself
During this crazy time, taking time to relax, be with family, and process our emotions is so important.  Taking time for yourself is just as important, if not more important, than being productive. We all need to stick together and check in on loved ones. 
10. Don’t Procrastinate 
I’m a horrible procrastinator as it is, but especially when I have a lot of time on my hands and pushed back deadlines. I have been trying to get things out of the way and stay on top of things so that I can get as much done as possible!  
Thank you all so much for reading!

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