March 15, 2023

Five Basics to Invest In

The older I get, I find myself wanting to invest in higher quality basics and eliminate a lot of the clutter in my closet. Don’t get me wrong… there is still a lot of clutter in my closet because I get sentimentally attached to clothes. I hope to begin to consolidate my wardrobe and start to invest in more quality basics that can be reworn and loved for a long time. In today’s post I wanted to share a few basics that may come at a higher price tag but are pieces that I think are 100% worth the investment.


The Perfect Jeans

Preferred jean styles vary from person to person, but I found my dream pair of jeans a few years ago and have absolutely loved them ever since. I was taking a look a them the other day and noticed how worn they are getting since I wear them so often. Even when they are worn it makes me love them even more which makes me realize they were worth spending a little more. My favorite style of jeans lately has been a kick crop- a balance between a skinny jean and a flare jean. Being petite this style is very flattering on me and the pair I have from Frame are my favorite. Yes they were higher priced than my typical jean, but SO worth it since I’ve been wearing them for years. Sharing a few jean styles I love as well as some images in my favorite jeans below:

Neutral Flats / Loafers

I know that ballet flats are ‘trendy’ right now, but I find them to be classic. I’m also a huge fan of a classic loafer and think either of these styles are a must have in any wardrobe. Shoes are something that I find if you take care of them will last forever and are incredibly versatile. My favorite flats are from Margaux and Sarah Flint both are neutral, beautifully made, and from women owned businesses. I also own a pair of Gucci loafers that were a gift and something I would never buy myself at this stage in my life, but after owning them I realize how timeless and versatile they are. You could buy numerous $50-$100 pairs of shoes that only last a few years, but these will all last a lifetime and are worth saving for:

Timeless Sunglasses

Jackie O. was known for her signature sunnies and I think everyone should have a pair of staple sunglasses in their closet. Designer sunglasses always have an insane markup and I don’t think necessarily are always worth it. All of the designer sunglasses I own have been found on sale at stores like Nordstrom Rack or from a secondhand marketplace. I also think there are so many more affordable brands that have designer look and quality. My favorite pair of sunnies are a cat eye Celine pair that I scored for $100 when a Sunglass Hut was closing at our mall. I’ve had them for 5+ years now and wear them frequently. There is a Le Spec pair often seen on Meghan Marble that are similar to the Celine pair and linked below!

Flattering Blazer

Especially since I’ve started my teaching job, I wear blazers more than ever. I love how easy they are to dress up and down, and when you find the right one it will never go out of style. Blazers typically remain in style, but the fit of them changes based on trend. Currently trendy blazers tend to be more oversized, and I think the blazer below from Tuckernuck is the perfect balance between trendy and classic. It has a looser fit, but still remains flattering and classic. They’ve come out with this blazer in many colors and I think it is the perfect addition to any wardrobe that can be worn in any season. I’m linking some other blazers below that I love too!

Classic Striped Tee / Sweater

I used to wear a uniform for school when I was younger and looking back, I loved it. It made getting dressed to easy everyday and I always think about what my adult ‘uniform’ would be. A striped tee or sweater would definitely be a component of this uniform. Stripes are classic and can be styled so many ways. Alice Walk makes beautiful striped basics as well as Kule. These both are a bit of a higher price point but are high quality and I know I will be able to wear them time and time again without them falling apart. I’ve also been eyeing the Ayr striped tee and Alex Mill striped cardigan- all of my picks are linked below.

Thanks for reading!

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