July 27, 2023

Workwear Capsule Wardrobe & Clear Teacher Lists!

Hi friends – welcome back to the blog! I am so thrilled about todays post since we are helping out some very deserving teachers. As many of you know, I returned back to school after my undergrad in 2020 and taught my first full time year last year! I taught middle school which was an incredible experience and am so excited to be moving up to the high school next year. Since I’m also a teacher, I know first hand how expensive it can be for teachers to have everything they need to start the year and provide students with the best classroom experience possible. Often school districts do not provide a large budget for these types of products and it can become very expensive for teachers paying out of pocket. In todays post I am sharing a variety of teacher wishlists in hopes that we can clear the lists for some of these wonderful educators! I asked for teachers or friends who would like me to add someone on my Instagram story but please feel free to email me (hello@belleoftheballblog.com) if you have someone you feel should be added to this list!

In addition to sharing the lists I also thought it would be fun to share a capsule wardrobe perfect for working glass and teachers in time for back to school season. All of these pieces are great additions to your work wardrobe since I chose a variety of pieces that can be easily styled in any season! Most schools in the Buffalo area do not go back to school until early September, but I know there are so many of you already prepping for the start of the school year. Hopefully you can find some inspiration in the capsule wardrobe. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well (@belleoftheball45) since I am always sharing teacher looks, funny moments, and more.


Let’s clear these deserving teachers lists!

JULIA | First Grade Teacher in Chelsea, MA

TORY PATRICK | 6th Grade Teacher at a Title I school in Connecticut 

HEATHER BROWN | Entering her 17th year of teaching! 

GRACE UNDERWOOD | High school science teacher

ALYSSA | 1st grade teacher for 8 years

NATALIE BROWNING | Third Grade teacher at a Title I school in Boston

SARAH DOUGHERTY | Kindergarten teacher in Connecticut

MOLLY | Third Grade teacher at a Title I school in Charleston 


KATE LOVELL | Elementary music teacher



MAGGIE | K-3rd Special Education teacher at a Title 1 school in Missouri


Thanks for reading and supporting these incredible teachers!

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