February 1, 2023

Dyson Airwrap Review + My Updated Hair Care Routine

Hi everyone! After two plus years of owning the Dyson Airwrap I finally feel like I can give you guys an honest review. I’m also sharing an updated hair care routine and all of the products I’ve been using lately. I also am posting a video tutorial for the hair style shown below on my Instagram @belleoftheball45 if you want to follow and watch there!

So…is the Dyson Airwrap worth the investment? I received mine as a gift for my birthday a few years ago and was apprehensive to keep it because of the hefty price tag. I questioned if it could really be worth that much money. I almost returned it, but my mom insisted that I kept it since I had been wanting it for so long. After using it for over two years I can say that I honestly do love it and have not used any of my other hair styling tools since. For someone that has wavy hair – this tool could not be better. It is an all in one blow dryer, curler, straightener, and also helped me perfect an easy effortless blow out! Before I had the Dyson I used my Revlon blow dry brush often which was so damaging for my hair. One of the main reasons I wanted the Dyson was because I heard it was much healthier for your hair. I style my hair multiple times a week and definitely have seen a difference with the Dyson as well as an updated hair care routine. Do you need the Dyson for perfect hair, absolutely not, but there are many reasons that I love it. There are a lot of similar tools on the market now such as the Shark FlexStyle which I’ve heard works great! Linking the Dyson and a few similar options below!

Now for my updated hair care routine! After I had COVID at the end of 2021, I noticed a lot of shedding. For the past few years I’ve been working on regrowth and have a lot of products that have helped immensely. You will see in the below graphic that I use Wellbel hair vitamins as well as the Mielle scalp oil. The Wellbel are wonderful and I’ve seen such a difference when I take them consistently- they have a ton of thorough information and reviews on their site linked here. I found the Mielle oil on TikTok and was a little skeptical at first but have definitely seen a difference and my hair feels much healthier. I normally will massage this into my scalp and ends once a week. I do have thin hair so I’ll typically do this at night and shower it out in the morning.

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In the shower I use the Navy Haircare search + rescue shampoo and conditioner! I’ve been shopping around for the perfect duo for a while and finally landed on these. They leave my hair feeling clean, healthy, and shiny. When I get out of the shower I typically will put my hair up in a microfiber towel while I’m doing my makeup to let it dry for a bit. I have naturally wavy hair and do my best to not brush it before using the Dyson brush attachment.

Before I use the Dyson I will use a heat protectant as well as my Ouai hair oil. This oil is perfect for regular use since it is so lightweight and leaves a great shine! Another product that I LOVE is thickening cream from Navy Haircare- for someone who has thinner hair this helps me add so much volume and texture to my hair when I blow dry. I try to only wash my hair a few days a week so on the days in between I will use the dry shampoos linked above from either Briogeo (powder) or Navy Haircare (aerosol). Ever since the mass dry shampoo recall I’ve been a lot more thoughtful about the products I choose and find that these are both great options!

Let me know in the comments any products you love that I need to try! Thanks for reading!

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