February 6, 2023

A Buffalo Girls Guide To Winter Boots

Hi everyone! Well… Buffalo sure has been living up to its snowy reputation this year and I recently experienced my first blizzard. I have acquired quite a selection of winter boots throughout my life since they are a necessity to get through our long winters. In today’s post I’m sharing all of my favorite winter boots, what I love about them, and how I style them. When I shop for winter boots I always try to find something that is stylish but also very functional which can sometimes pose a challenge. I’ve tried so many boots that are adorable but then I walk outside in them and immediately regret my purchase and nothing is worse than being cold because of your footwear choice. All of the boots I’m sharing today are functional yet won’t ruin your stylish look. Coming from a Buffalo girl who is used to cold and long winters, here are my top 5 boot brands / styles and why I love each:

1. Ugg Boots 

There are a few styles of Ugg that I wear constantly throughout the winter so I wanted to share the brand as a whole. I remember my first pair of Ugg boots and how excited I was to receive them. My mom had found a pair in my size at TJ Maxx when I was in middle school and I’ve loved Uggs ever since. For outdoor wear I constantly find myself in the Adirondack and Classic Mini. The Adirondack are undoubtedly more durable, but for things like heading to the gym or running errands the Classic Mini are my go-to. During the winter I spend more time at home and always change into either the Tasman or Coquette slippers. All of their footwear is high quality and lasts forever if you take care of them. I highly recommend treating them and using their care kit linked here!

Shop my favorite Uggs:

2. Sorel Joan Of Arctic 

My mom has had these boots forever and they are always a classic in the winter. They come at a bit of a higher price point, but they last forever which makes the splurge worth it. A lot of time we get multiple feet of snow in Buffalo so a taller boot is a must, which can sometimes be a challenge to find something that doesn’t ruin an outfit. The only con to these boots is that they can be a little heavy to wear, but that is only because they are very durable and made of high quality material. 

Shop Sorel Boots:

3. Kamik Boots

Kamik is a brand that I discovered last year that I wish I would’ve found sooner. They have a variety of stylish snow boots that are impeccably (and sustainably) made. There are many styles that I own and love, one my most worn is the Ariel F. I love that the boots have both laces and a zipper to make them easy to get on and off. The laces also help the boots feel very snug so that snow is not able to get in! They have a nice height, warm fleece lining, and a lot of tread. They are very lightweight as well and comfortable to wear all day! Sharing some photos below in my favorites from Kamik as well as links to my picks! 


Shop my Kamik favorites: 

4. Blundstones

I have been wearing duck boots for years and am always impressed with how well they hold up. They also are a shoe that has an added charm when worn in and I love wearing them year after year. Duck boots come in many styles and are quite timeless in my opinion. 

Shop Blundstones:

5. Blondo Over The Knee Suede Boots

When I’m looking for something a little more stylish in the winter these boots are my go-to. They have also been a favorite of mine for the fall as well! Since I am petite (5’2) I always thought that over the knee boots would overwhelm me until I found this pair. They are the perfect height, durable, and come in three colors. 

Shop over the knee boots: 

Shop the styles shown above:

Honorable mention: Muck boots! I didn’t want to include these on my list because they are not the most stylish but if you are primarily looking for function then you need these boots. My dad bought these for everyone in the family a few years ago and all of us wear them constantly. If I’m shoveling or doing anything else primarily outside these boots are warm and very durable. 

Thanks for reading! 

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