August 24, 2023

How We Spent 3 Days in Greece

Hi friends! Today is the first part of our Europe trip recap. We started off our trip in one of my dream destinations- Greece! Many of you were asking how we narrowed down where we wanted to visit on our two week trip. It really came down to what made the most sense logistically so that we also weren’t spending a ton on travel from place to place. My aunt is a retired travel agent and helped us find a great direct flight into Athens and leaving from Rome. Once we found this flight we went from there on planning destinations in between. Today I’m sharing a recap of our time in Greece!

We arrived to Athens in the afternoon on August 7th and snuck in a quick nap before heading out for the day since Jax slept terribly on the plane. One thing that I am so glad we did on our trip is that we always took time to rest before becoming overtired. I’m always a busy body on vacation and try to squeeze in as much as possible, but we would’ve been so exhausted by the end of the trip if we didn’t take the time to rest.

We were only in Athens for one night and ended up booking this Air B&B with a great view and walking distance to everything. It was perfect for a one night stay and very spacious.


We started the afternoon with gyros at Meat The Greek which were the best we had during our time in Greece. It was a quick and affordable bite- I wish we would’ve eaten there again because I’m still dreaming of it. Athens is full of history, so we of course had to visit the Acropolis. After learning about the Acropolis since a young age and seeing countless photos, it was absolutely remarkable to see in person. We went in the afternoon because it was the only time we could fit it in, but I would definitely recommend heading there early if you have the option. There were a lot of people there and sometimes it made it hard to appreciate with everyone swarming around taking photos.

After visiting the Acropolis we walked over to Plaka which was so charming and is one of the oldest districts in Athens. We had a spritz at Lyra which was in the cutest bustling spot with twinkling lights everywhere. After a spritz we walked around the city a bit more and popped by a restaurant for a quick dinner. Of course we couldn’t end the night without dessert and we ended up at Lukumades which was divine. Jax got a banana flavor and I got the pistachio- it was worth the 30 minute wait!


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Our hotel in Mykonos was one of my favorite places we stayed on our trip! Linking it here! It had an incredible view, infinity pool, and was the perfect spot to spend a few days. It is very true what everyone says- Mykonos is definitely pricy. It was a great spot for a few days but definitely the most expensive place we visited. I did love our time here- we made so many amazing memories. On our way to the hotel from the ferry we saw that Steve Aoki was playing at a club near our hotel so we decided to pick up tickets. We enjoyed the afternoon at the beach before getting ready for dinner at 180 Sunset Bar which had the most breathtaking views I had ever seen. Watching the sunset here was a moment I’ll never forget! The staff was so nice and made it such a fun evening. If we weren’t heading to Club Paradiso to see Steve Aoki we would’ve definitely stayed here for the night since there was live music and dancing!

Following dinner we took a taxi back to the hotel and started getting ready to go out, we thought Steve Aoki came on at 11 but he actually didn’t start until 2 am so we prepared ourselves for a late night. I can’t tell you the last time I stayed out past 2 am, but we ended up getting home around 5- it was the absolute best night!! Of course after our late night we slept in, and then we headed for a fun day in Little Venice. Since we were only in Mykonos for two days we ended up taking taxis everywhere, but if we had been there for a longer stay I would’ve rented an ATV or car to save money.

In Little Venice there are adorable shops, restaurants, bars, and more. This is where we found many of the beautiful floral covered buildings and views of the water.  We had a more laid back evening and ended up at Kastros for dinner which had wonderful service and a fresh menu. We didn’t make a reservation, but if you’re planning on going during a busy season it would be a good idea to reserve in advance!

For a three day trip I definitely loved everywhere we visited in Greece, but if we were to go again I definitely would visit a few of the other islands like Paros, Naxos, and Santorini! Even though we went swimming, I would’ve loved to get out on the water.


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