August 25, 2023

A Weekend in Amsterdam

Welcome back, friends! Our next stop on our two week trip was Amsterdam. Originally we had planned to visit Paris for the weekend, but the flight to Amsterdam from Mykonos worked out way better and I’m so glad we got the chance to visit. Out of all of the places we went, Amsterdam is somewhere I definitely will be returning to. Here are all of the details from our stay!

We stayed in the cutest Air B&B that was clean, walking distance to everything, and very comfortable. Linking it for you here!

After we checked in and freshened up we went for a little walk to see the canals and the area near our Air B&B, we stayed in was Centrum which I’d say is the best spot for a busy downtown vibe. We stumbled upon a bustling pub called Cafe Hoppe which we later learned had been there since 1670. It was one of our favorite spots and we went back multiple times for a quick drink throughout the weekend!

Jax did most of the restaurant research on this trip and absolutely nailed his pick for our first night. We both were in the mood for burgers and went to Cannibale Royale. Oh. My. Gosh. I’m still dreaming of the camembert and burger. Since we had been traveling all day we walked around for a bit after dinner and called it a night.

I had been window shopping all day on Friday, so Saturday morning was the perfect time to check out a few of the well curated local shops. KO was right across from our apartment and I found my dream quilted jacket for fall (as well as many other things that I unfortunately couldn’t fit in my suitcase). After some shopping, I ended up booking us a canal cruise so that we could learn a little more history about Amsterdam and enjoy some wine and cheese on the water. It was a great experience and very affordable, linking what we booked here! It was so fun to meet people from all over the world and learn more history of the area.

Both of us were famished after the crusie, so we got a quick bite at Sandwich Shop and headed to the Rembrandt House. There are endless options when it comes to museums in Amsterdam so we tried to visit as many as we could throughout the weekend. After a quick change we wanted something quick for dinner so we had pizza followed by cocktails at the Flying Dutchman. This was such a great spot for a nightcap, I would highly recommend.

Our last day started off rainy so we had a slow morning with a coffee near our apartment. Every morning when we left our apartment we’d always walk by this insane line, and of course human instinct told us we needed to find out what everyone was waiting for. Turns out everyone wanted sandwiches from Chun (made famous on TikTok) so we decided to find out if it was worth the wait. Despite the long line and not being able to eat inside the restaurant because there was no tables, I will say the sandwiches we had were VERY good. Would I wait again, maybe? Depends on how much time I had. By the time we were done with brunch the sun came out and we walked over to see the Rijksmuseum and Moco. Both had work from very well known artists and were a treat to spend our afternoon at. For dinner we had a cozy night at Casa di David and then got some rest for our flight to Slovenia in the morning!

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